4 months of pre-work


4 months of pre-work. 18,000+ hours on an outage, Zero accidents.


MetroPower recently wrapped up a project that took a total of 18,020 hours on an outage, plus four months of pre-work. Staying steadfast on our safety goal, the project was completed with absolutely no one getting hurt.

There were no surprises

As you know, a big part of our dedication to safety is accident prevention – and this project showed that in action.

We made a plan and we came prepared. The project scope included complete rewiring of both power and controls of a paper machine. We planned the job for six months, with most of that planning centered on safety. A total of 117 mechanics were required to get the job done, and we assigned three safety staff on the project. One of the safety staff was bilingual to assure clear communication among everyone involved.

The most dangerous portion of the work was handling heavy equipment, such as the equipment required to install 96 sections of MCC and 33 sections of Rockwell drives ranging in size from 800 #’s to 2,000 #’s.

When asked, “What was your largest exposure regarding safety?” Danny Worsham replied, “The biggest source of exposure on a project like this comes from lack of preparation. But nothing came as a surprise on this project. We had our very thorough safety plans and JHA’s in place to mitigate any hazards.”

Great leadership, Great results

This project exemplified great leadership. The leadership developed a team concept where the primary objective was no one getting injured.  The crew leaders communicated openly and proactively concerning how to handle anticipated challenges – educating all crew members about potential threats and effective ways to mitigate prior to any incident.

We’d like to recognize the great work done by Project Manager Randle Walker, Department Manager Danny Worsham, Power Supervisor Wayne Wells, Controls Supervisor John Kelly and all the great lead people on the project. Job well done.