Accounting Clerk

Accounting Clerk

Lorie Johnson has been a part of the MetroPower accounting team for more than 21 years. When she joined MetroPower she was determined to always do her best and appreciated the support she received from her team. That support still resonates today.

“I enjoy how well everyone in the accounting department gets along.  MetroPower had a family atmosphere when I started and the accounting department has kept that feeling throughout the years,” said Lorie. “When someone on the team gets down or frustrated, we keep each other encouraged and instill a positive outlook. Encouragement is our most important part of working as a team.”

MetroPower’s Golden Rule philosophy, Christian values, and fellowship both on and off the job are some of the things she admires most about being a part of our company.

“Everyone genuinely likes Lorie; she is one of the nicest people at MetroPower. And when everything seems to be going wrong, Lorie’s can-do attitude always comes through with a sensible solution,” said Clare Pearson.

Lorie is looking forward to retirement and plans to move to Texas to be closer to family, especially her granddaughter.

Her advice to those just starting their journey at MetroPower is to “Take every day as it comes, be present in today and always do the best you can in your job and life.”