Introducing Our New Behavior-Based Safety Program


Introducing Our New Behavior-Based Safety Program

As part of our commitment to staying a step ahead and preventing accidents before they happen, MetroPower is rolling out an innovative Behavior Based Safety (BBS) initiative.  The new company-wide program will require 100% participation from every employee, from the top down and bottom up, and is designed to take our ownership and awareness of safety to the next level.

Why Behavior-Based Safety?

Our new Behavior-Based Safety program offers many benefits, including a(n):

·     Real-time, on-the-job constructive correction of unsafe behaviors
·     Effective method for peer accountability
·     Decrease in unsafe habits
·     Approach inclusive of employees of all levels
·     Clear focus on employee behaviors
·     Effective way to address the root causes of behavior

How does the Behavior-Based Safety program work? 

The key to this process is raising awareness of behavior through observation and feedback.  Through BBS, any employee can observe their peer, or be observed by a peer, anywhere at any job site.

The expectation for the person observed is to cooperate and participate in the observation, as the observer collects information and provides feedback regarding safety.   The process is designed to identify both safe and unsafe behavior.  The reports focus on collecting accurate information about WHAT behaviors were observed, not WHO was observed.  In fact, the person who is observed remains anonymous in the report.

During the observation, the observer completes a digital report (the Observation Card on eCompliance), which includes feedback on the behavior they saw.  Then, the Safety Department reviews data and assigns accountability for needed actions.  In addition to raising awareness of behavior, the information collected may inspire changes in design, process or procedure in order to reduce at-risk behaviors.

The BBS program will be effective company-wide by June of 2018. We look forward to everyone using this opportunity to reflect upon their own actions, and become more aware of those around them.  To achieve our goal of zero accidents, we must all continue practicing our motto of Safety: Working Together for Tomorrow.