Celebrating Safety


Celebrating Safety and Staying a Step Ahead

The 2,000 Day Milestone

How do you go more than 2,000 days without a recordable incident?  If you ask CarolinaPower, it’s by making safety the number one goal by staying a step ahead and preventing accidents before they happen.

“Achieving the 2,000 day milestone is inspirational, and it’s proof that a proactive approach to safety is effective,” and said Troy DeLee, Safety Director.   “They are determined to keep the positive momentum going.”

The company celebrated this significant milestone by distributing hats to all CarolinaPower employees and recognition during Safety Week.

A Proactive Approach to Driver Safety

As part of our proactive approach to safety, we have officially launched a GPS system designed to collect safety data and encourage safe driving habits.

MetroPower and CarolinaPower worked closely with Merchants Fleet Management to implement this initiative.  Using a program called GeoTab, administrators of MetroPower and CarolinaPower can locate, track and document the vehicles within our fleet.  GeoTab also collects data that indicates safe driving habits and shares that information through a method proven to improve driving habits and reduce the chance of accidents.  GeoTab has established itself as a world leader in the area of fleet management and vehicle tracking technology.

Information collected includes:

  • Seatbelt Use
  • Excessive Speeding (+9 mph):
  • Harsh Braking
  • Speeding (+7 mph)
  • Backing Up When Leaving (First Motion Forward)
  • Engine Abuse

On August 6th, GeoTab began sending weekly reports complete with scorecards for every driver based on these criteria.

“It’s all about being proactive, keeping our employees safe and maintaining our position as the industry leader in safety,” said Troy DeLee.  “GeoTab is a great tool to help raise awareness of safe driving habits, keeping these behaviors top of mind when operating a vehicle and providing feedback we can use to improve our already stellar safety rating.”

At MetroPower and CarolinaPower, safety goes beyond holding ourselves accountable for maintaining the highest safety standards and safe working conditions. It’s about taking care of everyone we interact with on a daily basis and eliminating all at risk behaviors – on and off the job.