Field Supervisors Retreat Focuses on Goal-Setting and Collaborative Solutions

2019: Field Supervisors Retreat Focuses on Goal-Setting and Collaborative Solutions

In November 2019, more than 60 MetroPower field supervisors gathered in Macon for two days of process improvement discussions and team building at the annual Field Supervisors Retreat.

They attended workshops designed to help supervisors overcome obstacles that reduce efficiencies, compromise safety, drain valuable resources, and prevent projects from being completed on time and within budget.

The retreat continued its focus on three key areas of improvement – people, processes, and technology – while also encouraging camaraderie, peer group development, and knowledge sharing among attendees.

MetroPower President Danny Gibson kicked off the retreat by declaring that Field Supervisors are an integral part of the team and sit at the “tip of the spear” regarding project completion. He also reiterated our company’s focus on Operational Excellence and commitment to safety, productivity, and employee and customer satisfaction.

The 2019 Field Supervisors Retreat helped MetroPower leadership craft objectives, goals, strategies, initiatives, and measures designed to support PPC Partners’ goal of becoming a $1 Billion Electrical Contractor by 2030. The retreat was the foundation for laying out the framework for this 2030 objective and included topics such as:

  • Building and managing a high-performance team
  • Creating a Drug-Free Workplace
  • Ensuring and guaranteeing a safe project
  • Crisis management/public relations after an incident
  • Risk & management of leased labor
  • Contract language for supervisors
  • Operational manual modifications
  • Understanding & utilizing pre-construction methods
  • Schedule documentation

Previous retreats have addressed challenges facing the company and have enabled participants to help create processes that minimize risks. A common takeaway was the value of well-educated and trained employees who can effectively use resources to help them complete safe and successful projects.

“I enjoyed collaborating with other supervisors and learning how they have been able to solve challenges,” said Robby Cross, field supervisor from branch 4. “I’m eager to take the knowledge I’ve acquired from the retreat and share it with my team to streamline our processes and create an even better experience for our clients.”

By investing in educational opportunities like the Field Supervisor Retreat, MetroPower continues to support our employees and encourage knowledge sharing among branches.