We finished the Year Safe and Strong


We finished the Year Safe and Strong

As always, in 2018 we were laser-focused on keeping safety our top priority and proactively stopping accidents before they happen. The Safety Council was hard at work all year, looking at creative and practical ways to take our industry-leading safety program to the next level. Major new initiatives this year included:

  • The mandatory safety refresher course for all employees
  • Making eCompliance, our paperless hub for safety
  • Company-wide Behavior Based Safety (BBS) initiative
  • GeoTab data collection for safer driving habits

Every employee can feel good about their own personal commitment to safety, and how you have contributed to our company having one of the lowest Experience Modification Rates (EMR) in the markets we serve. We are currently on track to finish the year strong.

While these are all significant accomplishments to be proud of, our commitment is more than just a statistic, and safety goes beyond behavior in the workplace. We hope every employee keeps safety a top priority wherever we go, ensuring we can enjoy this holiday season – and many more – with our loved ones.

Safe Driving More Important Than Every Over the Holidays

The new GeoTab initiative has already helped us all become more aware of safe driving habits, reporting on the approximately 3.5 million miles MetroPower and CarolinaPower drove in a 6-month period.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the number of traffic fatalities rise dramatically during the holidays. In fact, the week between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day is amongst the most dangerous times of the year to be on the road. According to the NHTSA, the increased risk is due to a higher volume of holiday travelers, a significantly higher number of alcohol-impaired drivers, less daylight hours and poor conditions such as wet roads or limited visibility.

With this increased risk in mind, we hope that the heightened awareness of driving habits will be applied after hours. Please keep up the good work, get your rest, buckle up, drive defensively and keep working together safely for tomorrow.