Get Rewarded for Your Healthy Lifestyle

Get Rewarded for Your Healthy Lifestyle

What if there was an easier way to achieve your health goals and earn rewards for your efforts? Now it’s possible! MetroPower and CarolinaPower have partnered with HealthCheck360 to offer our employees a new wellness program called Lifestyle Rewards. This voluntary program provides you with the tools, motivation and support to build healthy habits and achieve your unique health and wellness goals.

Here’s how it works:

  • Earn Lifestyle Rewards points by completing healthy activities from the eligible list. You can earn points for activities like completing an annual physical, taking a yoga class, or simply unplugging from technology!
  • Visit or download the app to create your account and submit your healthy activities for rewards.
  • Earn up to 100 Lifestyle Rewards points, including the required activity, to earn up to $100.
  • Activities must be completed between 03/01/2022 and 11/30/2022 to earn rewards.

Jeremy Cook, Superintendent for Branch 12 in Columbus says, “It’s easy to use and gives you accountability with your health.” Jeremy has already earned more than 100 points on the app.

All health plan employees and health plan spouses are eligible to participate in the

Lifestyle Rewards Program.

“We are really trying to drive preventative care this year,” says Jessica Miller, Human Resources Manager at MetroPower and CarolinaPower. “As part of the program, you will complete a biomedical screening and can earn points for receiving a flu shot or the COVID-19 vaccine.”

We care about your well-being, and we are excited to offer this new program to help you achieve your health goals! For more information, contact Jessica Miller at