Helping Students Discover the Power of Experiential Learning


Helping Students Discover the Power of Experiential Learning


Helping Students Discover the Power of Experiential Learning 

What happens when high school students are challenged to solve real-world problems, present complex solutions, and collaborate effectively? They discover their own power.

In September, MetroPower hosted a 3DE by Junior Achievement case challenge event with Parkview High School in Lilburn, GA. The challenge theme, Collaborating and Building Teams, required groups of students to work together toward a common goal and participate in a business scenario in which teamwork would be essential for success.

3DE by Junior Achievement is a non-profit organization dedicated to re-engineering high school education nationwide to be more relevant, experiential, and authentically connected to the real world so that students are more prepared to meet the demands of tomorrow’s economy. 

This year, 108 ninth graders from Parkview High School participated in the event and were challenged to answer the question:

As part of MetroPower’s Human Resource team, how can the company motivate the next generation of workers to consider skilled trades as a career? 

Each student team presented a sales pitch to MetroPower outlining a creative product, service, or program the company could offer to address this challenge. Twenty MetroPower employees volunteered as Business Coaches to the students throughout the multi-week challenge and served as judges during final pitch presentations. 

“We believe education is essential for empowering young people to achieve their dreams,” said MetroPower Workforce Development Manager Tony Varamo. “Mentoring these bright young men and women in partnership with 3DE was incredibly rewarding for our staff. The students had a natural curiosity about our work, and their unique perspective was invaluable!”