How to Create a Culture of Safety: Be Your Coworker’s Keeper


How to Create a Culture of Safety: Be Your Coworker’s Keeper

*This is a summary of a presentation by Kellie Worley, Branch 18, to the Executive Leadership Team

At MetroPower, we have many procedures, policies and initiatives designed to create a culture of safety for ourselves and our coworkers.

SAFETY – The quality of averting or not causing injury, danger or loss.

What are some obstacles that keep us from achieving a safe working environment? Oftentimes, a lapse of judgment or complacency are contributing factors, such as a choice to improperly lift something or a choice to use a tool that we aren’t familiar with.

A sense of necessity or urgency—whether real or self-induced to complete a task or job for the sake of profit or personal motive (i.e. to leave on time)—can result in accidents and incidents. For example, a lack of experienced manpower can create an unsafe working environment.

The challenge before us as servant leaders is to each contribute to a safe culture through our actions, decisions and willingness to be involved, concerned and committed to it.

So how do we do this?

Know our coworkers.Understand the attitudes, habits and experience levels of fellow coworkers. We show appreciation for those with good safety habits and help council and correct those who need more guidance. We take into consideration the years of experience each person has for doing their work. And we have frequent meetings in our branches and departments to discuss safety concerns.

Know our resources.Make sure everyone is aware of safety department members. Provide access to JHAs, BBSs, handbooks, websites and e-compliance. Ensure coworkers know how to use these resources properly.

Know yourself.Portray our culture of safety in a positive way. Be aware that your attitudes and actions about safety impact your coworkers. Be willing to approach superiors with any safety questions or concerns.

Know your superiors. Work at a relationship with supervisors and managers and let them know safety is a priority for you.

In short: Be Your Coworker’s Keeper. We all need to look out for each other, especially during the pandemic. Be accountable for your actions and actively work to improve your own safety awareness so that we can create the safest environment possible for everyone.