Lagniappe (LAN-YAP)Troy and Serena DeLee


Lagniappe (LAN-YAP)

Troy and Serena DeLee

Troy and Serena DeLee serve their community with the same dedication and hard work that they put into their work at MetroPower. One of the many organizations that he and his wife, Serena, support is the Friends of the Library in Macon. 

Throughout the year, Troy and Serena volunteer their time collecting donated books for the annual Old Book Sale. The three day event features 50,000 books in more than 50 categories and all profits fund library needs such as new books, public events, audiovisual equipment and summer reading programs.  

Troy and Serena are avid US travelers, visiting parks, monuments and historical sites across the country. While they are fortunate to travel, they know that some people’s only opportunity to have the experience of travel is through a book. By volunteering their time, they are helping to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to read about the world through the public library system. Thank you!