Macy’s ATS Replacement Project a Success


Macy’s ATS Replacement Project a Success


When our teams are at their best, we do our best for our clients. That’s how MetroPower safely and successfully completed a 2000 Amp, 3 Phase, 480 Volt Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) replacement project at Macy’s Tech in Johns Creek, Georgia. 

This project was critical because when utility power goes out due to unforeseen circumstances (typically weather), the ATS starts the backup generator (in this case, a 1.5 megawatt Cummins) and restores power to the building in a matter of seconds.

The maintenance window provided by Macy’s for the ATS replacement was 12AM to 12AM (24 hours). Our team arrived onsite at 10PM prior to the start of the maintenance window and completed all work at 8:30PM the following day—about 22.5 hours total working time.

Thanks to outstanding teamwork and leadership on the project, our client was extremely pleased with every aspect of MetroPower’s service—from submitting the quote in a timely manner, keeping Macy’s Tech informed about the project timeline, and coordinating with a variety of vendors, including ASCO, Prime Power, Eaton, and HVAC Control Services.

MetroPower employees who worked on this job were: Ben Allen, Patrick Dwyer, Travis McCarney, Michael Keitt, Devin Pacl, Cory Allen, Maurice Brown, Paul Whitaker, and Juan Carillo. 

“This ATS replacement project was a seven-month process and ended with a successful 36-hour straight conversion weekend,” said David Alewine, Systems Specialist Data Center Ops at Macy’s Systems and Technology. “The project would not have been successful without the dedication and support of MetroPower and its employees.”