MetroPower & CarolinaPower Increase Charitable Giving in 2018


MetroPower & CarolinaPower Increase Charitable Giving in 2018

Every year, the PPC Companies donate time and money to the causes our employees care about most through the PPC Foundation.  In 2018, MetroPower and CarolinaPower donated more than $380,000 to over 160 charities and organizations.

“I am humbled by the amount of time and resources we are able to give back to the communities we serve, and I’d like us to give even more,” said Danny Gibson, President and COO for MetroPower. “I encourage you to submit more requests for donation matches that benefit the causes most important to you.”

a socially responsible company, we understand that supporting the causes important to our employees not only helps ensure better connections within our communities, but also a happier workforce.

“Supporting not-for-profit organizations and missions close to my heart is an important part of my life,” said Kayanne Blackwell, ERP Implementation Team for PPC Partners. “It brings me joy to contribute to the success of a company that invests in its employees and the communities we serve in so many ways.”

PPC employees can double their contribution to non-profit organizations through the employee matching gift program. Foundation guidelines can also be provided to organizations for an annual gift.

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