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MetroPower Plans for Significant Growth in Atlanta/North Georgia Market

The state of Georgia remains poised for substantial growth in the construction industry this year, and MetroPower is ready to capitalize on that momentum. More specifically, the Atlanta/North Georgia market is the largest we serve, and should yield a 5.3 percent* year over year growth in targeted markets. That’s a projected 29% growth in those target markets over the five-year period.  <Read More> 

ESS Systems Integration Expands Operations

MetroPower’s recent acquisition of G&G Electronics, Inc. based in Columbus, Georgia, allows us to expand our nurse call and fire alarm operations with key manufacturing partners Rauland-Borg and Notifier. Specifically, we will now be the primary distributor and certified installer of these systems throughout South Georgia and the Florida panhandle. <Read More> 

GPS Telematics Installation Complete

MetroPower has successfully completed the installation and implementation of GPS technology in its fleet of vehicles. This system will not only help increase the safety and security of our drivers, but also help our company’s bottom line by offering greater control of operating expenses, utilization and productivity.  <Read More> 


Staying a Step Ahead in 2018

In 2018, we remain dedicated to making safety our number one goal by staying a step ahead and preventing accidents before they happen.

MetroPower has one of the lowest Experience Modification Rates (EMR) in the markets we serve, and we had a significant decrease in total incidents in 2017. As we push forward into 2018, we remain resolute on our goal of ZERO accidents.

Here are some ways we’re proactively addressing safety this year:  <Read More>


MetroPower Nearly Doubles Charitable Giving in 2017

Every year MetroPower donates time and money through the PPC Foundation to the causes our employees care about most.  In 2017, MetroPower donated more than $330,000 to over 140 charities and organizations. This is a 48 percent increase in donations over last year.  <Read More>


Lagniappe: Justin Richardson

Gordon (Justin) Richardson of Branch 11 recently received his Electrical Systems Technology Diploma from South Georgia Technical College (SGTC) in Americus Georgia. Dr. John Watford, SGTC President, and Kent Cheney, Justin’s supervisor, presented him with his diploma.

Justin completed the program at SGTC in 2 1/2 years. His classroom instruction included topics in safety procedures, electrical theory, Ohms Law, blueprint reading and the National Electric Code (NEC).   <Read More>