Project Summit Proposes New Model for Industrial Market


Project Summit Proposes New Model for Industrial Market

Project Summit Proposes New Model for Industrial Market

At MetroPower, we’re always looking for ways to best meet the needs of our clients and deliver the highest quality service. It’s what Todd Stevens, Vice President of Industrial Construction, had in mind at the ABC Users Summit, where he learned that many industrial clients are consistently dissatisfied with the results of their capital projects due to a lack of quality, cost overruns and other factors.

As a result, several top construction contractors—including MetroPower—are working together to develop an innovative solution: Project Summit. This initiative was developed as a collaboration among Kevin Sell, Founder ­– ABC Users Summit, Dan Freese – President of United Group Services, Ryan Odendahl – President of Kwest Group, LLC and Todd Stevens from MetroPower.  These partners bring together key services to support most industrial clients such as industrial and mechanical construction (United Group Services), civil and concrete foundations (Kwest Group, LLC) and electrical & controls (MetroPower, Inc.).

Project Summit is a different approach to the traditional bid-build process. Instead of construction companies each bidding on a project for their own skill set, they bid on the project together at the onset. Engaging with the customer early in the project, even before design, gives each company a seat at the table with the client and develops a cohesive culture through shared values: safety, quality and customer satisfaction.

“We are creating a true revolution in serving the industrial market,” says Dan Freeze. “By prioritizing collaboration over competition, Project Summit is poised to achieve success for our clients and for our partner contractors.”

“Project Summit’s slogan is ‘Change Through Trust,’” says Todd Stevens. “Building trust among our clients and teams is one of MetroPower’s core values, so being part of this initiative is a natural fit. We are honored to work with like-minded partners to advance this positive change in our industry.”

From concept to contract

Project Summit was recently awarded its first project: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (APCI) client Big River Steel, an Arkansas-based steel company, is expanding an existing air separation facility.  Ed Luckenbach, Manager – Field Execution at APCI, came to the contractors after hearing the Project Summit concept.  MetroPower’s core team of 8-12 employees will support the customer in aspects such as design/constructability input, development of quality assurance/quality control standards, installation of a prefabricated electrical, medium and low voltage distributions systems, I/O controls, testing and commissioning.

Another first: APCI is allowing the contractors to manage the site safety program and write the job-specific manual since all Project Summit contractors have ABC safety accreditation.

Pete Dumont with Premier Services, Dr. Ken Sullivan (School of Sustainable Engineering & the Built Environment) from Arizona State and attorney David Pugh of Bradley are assisting Project Summit with the Big River Steel job. Dr. Sullivan will help document the project to measure performance against key performance indicators (KPI).

“I’m thrilled Big River Steel is the first job for Project Summit. From cost savings to better communication and transparency among stakeholders, I can see tremendous value for industrial clients and for the industry overall with this visionary initiative,” says Ed Luckenbach of Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.