Sector Spotlight: Industrial Market

Sector Spotlight: Industrial Market


MetroPower’s industrial clients are a core part of our business. We have developed strong working relationships with some of the top clients in this sector and serve these clients through three branches: Branch 01, 07 and 11.

As with other business sectors, the industrial market continues to experience challenges due to the pandemic. Even with these challenges, MetroPower continues to experience growth in our industrial division.

Featured Project: Project Live Oak

MetroPower has been selected by biotechnology company Danimer Scientific to help expand their manufacturing operations in Bainbridge, GA.

The Project Live Oak opportunity was identified by Keenan Adams, Project Manager, Branch 11, when approached by Michael Smith, COO of Danimer Scientific, who shared the plans to build a large industrial plant locally. Several managers met with Danimer’s general contractor to discuss MetroPower’s capabilities and selected MetroPower as the electrical and controls contractor.

The greenfield project approved earlier this year will be the largest of Danimier’s expansions and bring more manufacturing jobs to Bainbridge. This opportunity will afford Branch 07 and 11 to share management resources and provide opportunities for other Branches specifically the low voltage and fire protection teams.

Danimer Scientific has been creating sustainable and more natural ways to make products for over a decade including plastic products that are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Danimer is headquartered in Bainbridge, GA with an additional facility in Winchester, KY.

 Featured Project: Big River Steel

Project Summit model leads to successful construction project and collaboration among contractors at jobsite in Osceola, Arkansas.

MetroPower recently utilized the Project Summit model of service on a construction project for Big River Steel.  Being included at an early stage in the project, our team was able to support the client in design, schedule challenges and mitigate unforeseen problems that arose during the construction process, while improving efficiency by minimizing the number of workers onsite during peak construction. This helped ensure customer satisfaction and an accurate completion date.

MetroPower employees on the project included Superintendent Aaron Schaub, Project Manager Alex Bowles, and Branch Manager Spinks Holman

Project Specifics

Total labor hours: 33,584
Peak employees: 27
Employee turnover: 0
Leased Labor: 0

Injuries: ZERO
MPI COVID cases on site: 0

Schedule: on-time
Budget: under budget
Punch List: ZERO
Customer Satisfaction:  100%

Being onsite early in the construction process allowed our team to fabricate the 180’ cold box while lying on the ground to nearly 90% completion. This dramatically improved production, safety and was more cost effective than the typical construction method of completing the cold box after it was vertical. The united team concept of Project Summit enabled all contractors onsite to work as one unit which improved efficiency among the trades.

Air Products Jobsite Superintendent Rudy Golla shares his praise for MetroPower’s employees on the project:

“Everyone onsite and supporting the job from the home office has shown that you operate as an effective team and know what’s going on at every stage of the job,” said Rudy Golla, Jobsite Superintendent for Air Products. “Your effort is being noticed and appreciated at all levels of the Air Products project team. As far as I’m concerned, MetroPower can always be a part of any job I’m on.”