The new standard: Competent Persons for Energized Electrical Work Practices (CP-EEWP)

The new standard: Competent Persons for Energized Electrical Work Practices (CP-EEWP)

Next year, MetroPower will roll out a new company wide standard for training, testing, and endorsing employees around energized systems and switching activities. Our goal is to create a systematic approach to how we provide training for these types of electrical activities, and successful completion of the training program will enable employees to progress in their field.

Team members Troy DeLee, Tony Morris, Ashley Moore, Sylvester Jones (br 1), Ben Harrell (br 11), Jacob Keaton (br 11), Wyatt Gwynn from CarolinaPower, and two interns from the University of North Florida, Charles Benoit and Brooke Simmons, played an important role in examining our protocols as a company and creating this program.

The new program will utilize external resources such as the International Electrical Testing Association (NETA) for instruction and heightened awareness of NFPA70E.  In addition, Electrical Diagnostic Services, Inc. (EDS) an independent consultant will provide additional training for medium voltage applications to include but not limited to blueprint reading (source identification), meters, meter utilization and proper grounding.

Internally, MetroPower, Inc. is creating a course and aptitude test regarding medium voltage applications, like the utility license requirements.  In addition, new standards will be deployed for switching activities.

To become a Competent Person (CP-EEWP) by MetroPower, employees will need to be observed by internal subject matter experts multiple times and receive endorsement by management.

In 2021, Todd Stevens will be personally visiting each branch to roll out this program at every level of employment.