WHY MetroPower?

WHY MetroPower?

A series of articles exploring the purpose, cause or belief that drives our business.

In the last issue of the newsletter, we examined the “why” behind MetroPower’s purpose using examples of our company’s values and ethics that motivated our founders and continues to inspire our employees today. This article further illustrates the ideas outlined in the foundation of our company and offers guidance for incorporating these founding principles into our work and our actions.

Why do we exist as a company?

This “why” was answered by our founders long ago during the formation of the company. It is our foundation and was later deemed by our board as “The Noble Experiment.”

  • Be a living example of a highly successful and ethical company focused on operational excellence, customer engagement and employee development and growth.
  • Cultivate exceptional leaders and a workplace passionate about the ethos of PPC Partners. These leaders will propagate that passion and culture throughout their communities and to the next generation.
  • Create and deliver exceptional operational performance in all aspects of the business while consistently performing at a level superior to our competitors.
  • Grow the business by expanding geographies served and services offered, thereby allowing additional employees and customers to benefit.

How do you carry out these principles set forth by our founders in your own experience with MetroPower? If you are a branch manager, how do you share your passion through leadership and mentoring your team? If you are a craft worker, how do you offer the best service to our customers while supporting your fellow team members? Just as our founders created MetroPower with an action plan to help guide our success, we should consider how our daily actions can help us experience joy and fulfillment in our work while serving others.