Management Trainee Program Emphasizes Leadership Development and Camradery

Management Trainee Program Emphasizes Leadership Development and Camradery

At MetroPower, we strive to create an environment that encourages growth, creativity and innovation while rewarding employees mtp-photo-2with opportunities to continue their development. Therefore, the Management Trainee Program was launched in 2008 as a way to facilitate teamwork across branches and accelerate the learning process for employees of all levels.

“The program helps our employees see “the big picture” of the company and the industry,” said Tony Varamo, Workforce Development Manager. “By working together, they are able to better understand how their individual efforts effect the whole and encourage each other to be better.”

The group of 30 individuals meet twice a year, are required to complete a specific curriculum and work directly with a company mentor. The two tracts available provide curriculum appropriate for employees from entry level through level five and are led by managers who have successfully completed the program.

Curriculum for Tract 1 furthers employees understanding of business development practices, performance appraisals, HR documentation for redirects and ethical behavior.

“The Management Trainee Program not only helps with employee’s personal development but helps the team grow together as a unit,” said Duane Howell, Branch Manager for branch 15 and facilitator for Tract 1. “Each member has a sense of accountability to the group and a unique synergy is created by working together for a common goal.”

Curriculum for Tract 2 focuses on developing project and branch managers and includes topics such as developing project and department budgets, the sales cycle, effects of productivity and advancing technology in the field.

“This program truly helps our managers become resources for one another,” said Chris Moore, XXX and facilitator for Tract 2. “By sharing tools, staff and technology, they see the impact they have on MetroPower regardless of their branch or location.”


At MetroPower we strive to hire and retain employees who are committed to providing best in class electrical contracting services while delivering 100% client satisfaction. The Management Trainee Program is just one way we leverage the success of our employees who are dedicated to furthering their career for the benefit of us all.