How to Stay Safe in the Heat

Many of us look forward to summer as a time to relax by the pool or visit the beach. At MetroPower, summer also means increasing our safety precautions to ensure no one is hurt by high temperatures and humidity.

According to OSHA, thousands of workers every year become ill while working in extreme heat or humid conditions. There are a range of illnesses that can be brought on by heat, and they can affect anyone, regardless of age or physical condition.

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Lorie Johnson: Accounting Clerk

Lorie Johnson has been a part of the MetroPower accounting team for more than 21 years.
When she joined MetroPower she was determined to always do her best and appreciated the support she received from her team. That support still resonates today.

“I enjoy how well everyone in the accounting department gets along.  MetroPower had a family atmosphere when I started and the accounting department has kept that feeling throughout the years,” said Lorie. “When someone on the team gets down or frustrated, we keep each other encouraged and instill a positive outlook. Encouragement is our most important part of working as a team.”

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Get Rewarded for Your Healthy Lifestyle

What if there was an easier way to achieve your health goals and earn rewards for your efforts? Now it’s possible! MetroPower and CarolinaPower have partnered with HealthCheck360 to offer our employees a new wellness program called Lifestyle Rewards. This voluntary program provides you with the tools, motivation and support to build healthy habits and achieve your unique health and wellness goals.

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MetroPower Launches Branch 17: Centralized Professional Engineering Group (CPEG)

One of MetroPower’s founding principles is to create and deliver operational excellence while performing at a level superior to our competitors. With this principle as our guide, MetroPower has developed the Branch 17 Centralized Professional Engineering Group, which will allow us to offer more services to our clients at a competitive rate.

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Danny Gibson Featured at ABC Convention Panel: Leading a Safety-Centric Organization


Danny Gibson Featured at ABC COnvention Panel: Leading a Safety-Centric Organization The Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) Convention 2022 in San Antonio, Texas, featured MetroPower’s Danny Gibson as one of four panelists on the featured educational session: Leading A Safety-Centric Organization. The focus: how your company could be 645% safer than the industry average and thereby

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PPC Partners Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Our people truly are our power. Your steadfast commitment to safety, customer satisfaction and having a servant’s heart has helped MetroPower become the premier electrical contractor serving the greater southeastern United States since 1947. Thank you.<Read More>

MetroPower achieves ZERO recordable injuries in 2021

Without question, there is nothing more important than the safety of our employees—and that is reflected in our universal safety goal of zero injuries. Even in the face of a pandemic, our employees kept safety at the forefront of their minds.<Read More>

Bill Carroll, Supervisor, branch 5, Healthcare

Bill Carroll has been building things for as long as he can remember. A hands-on learner in school, he found out about MetroPower’s apprenticeship program from a family friend and began his journey as an apprentice right out of high school.<Read More>

MetroPower Bainbridge and Keenan Adams Recognized for Excellence, Service to Community

We are thrilled to announce that MetroPower’s Bainbridge branch 11 was named Large Business of the Year at the Bainbridge-Decatur County Chamber of Commerce’s 96th Awards Celebration on January 27th at the Charles H. Kirbo Center. The Chamber also presented awards for Small Business of the Year, Young Professional of the Year and other awards recognizing local leaders and their businesses in the Bainbridge area.<Read More>

The Impact of Charitable Giving in 2021

One of the core values of PPC Partners is the Power to Serve. We are proud to donate time and funding to causes our employees care about through the PPC Foundation. In 2021, MetroPower donated $352,150 to 115 deserving charities and matched $22,800 of our employees’ generous gifts.<Read More>

Your Questions Answered: Incident and Accident Reporting

MetroPower strives for ZERO OSHA recordable accidents. But when accidents or incidents happen, it is crucial for employees to report them to supervisors or the Safety Department right away! The longer the lead time we have for an incident, the better we can manage it and ensure employees receive the proper medical care. <Read More>

Journey – Duane Howell, Vice President

From an early age, Duane Howell was passionate about using his hands to build and work. He was the middle son of flight engineer for the USAF and part-time farmer so there was always work to be done on the farm. Duane went on to study engineering in college and gravitated to the construction industry. <Read More>

2021 Field Supervisors Retreat – SAVE THE DATE!

The annual MetroPower Field Supervisors Retreat will be held October 28-29 in Macon. This year we have invited Greg Sizemore, Vice President of Health, Safety, Environment and Workforce Development for Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), to discuss ABC’s Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP). <Read More>

Sector Spotlight: Industrial Market

MetroPower’s industrial clients are a core part of our business. We have developed strong working relationships with some of the top clients in this sector and serve these clients through three branches: Branch 01, 07 and 11.

As with other business sectors, the industrial market continues to experience challenges due to the pandemic. Even with these challenges, MetroPower continues to experience growth in our industrial division. <Read More>

Toward Operational Excellence with MetroPower University

To grow through skilled and educated peoplehas been part of MetroPower’s mantra since the creation of our vision statement many years ago. This objective is our first charge following our primary mission to create a safety culture that ensures ZERO accidents. Lifelong learning and skills-specific training are the primary ways to optimize our processes and fully utilize our resources to maximize productivity. This objective was our motivation to create MetroPower University. <Read More>

A Heartfelt Thank You

I wish to offer my personal thanks to each and every one of you. 2020 was a very challenging year. None of us expected—nor prepared for—a global pandemic, yet you all continue to rise to the occasion with each new obstacle that comes your way.

The pandemic affected every group in our company, including craft workers who continued to respond to customer needs and fulfill our obligations. It affected HR and safety, who continued to monitor government guidelines and laws while implementing strategies to keep us safe. It affected accounting as they worked to adjust budgets to account for unanticipated expenses. It affected management as we worked to balance strategies to protect employees, customers, communities and our shareholders.

More than anything though, it has affected you and your families in ways we might not even know. And yet, you ALL have shown resilience and carried out your duties.

For all you’ve done and continue to do, I thank you!

Personal Experiences with COVID-19 Help Reinforce Safety Measures

COVID-19 has resulted in death tolls that once left us anxious and fearful, but now seem to be less of a shock factor. Historically, desensitization to disaster is a common human response and we become less affected and more accustomed to the effects of disaster.

As we listened to the personal experiences of co-workers during a recent Safety Stand Down, we were reminded that this is NOT the time to relax the safety measures established to slow the spread and prevent the contraction of COVID-19. <Read More>

Lagniappe (LAN-YAP)

A new section coming next quarter! For the last five years, the Lagniappe has been an opportunity to spotlight MetroPower co-workers who “gave a little something extra” on the job or in the community. These people are examples of how we can all make our lives and the world a little better. Beginning next quarter, we will replace the Lagniappe section with a new series called Journey. Here we will highlight employees’ journeys through their career at MetroPower. These stories will provide examples of hope and inspiration while showcasing the opportunity within our company. As always, keep giving and making a difference! ■

MetroPower Partners with Robins & Morton on Huntsville Healthcare Project

MetroPower Atlanta continues our success in the healthcare industry, working with construction firm Robins & Morton on the Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of North Alabama in Huntsville, AL.

The project is a relocation of the current Encompass Health Rehabil­itation Hospital to a new site at the intersection of U.S. 72 and Moores Mill Road. The 76,000-square-foot facility will include 82 patient rooms, an on-site therapy gym, a cafeteria, and office space. <Read More>

Memorial Health Electrical Upgrade Project Update

MetroPower is working with long-standing partner, ECHO Power Engineering, to upgrade the emergency electrical system at Memorial Health in Savannah, GA.

This $4 million project includes replacing the hospital’s normal and emergency power systems.  Items that will be replaced are three 1 Megawatt (MW) generators, new electrical switchgear (normal and emergency), new medium voltage switch gear (normal and emergency) and all associated conduit / cabling conductors. Superintendent
Joe Evans is leading the project, with 14 MetroPower employees onsite daily.

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WHY MetroPower?

A series of articles exploring the purpose, cause or belief that drives our business. In the last issue of the newsletter, we examined the “why” behind MetroPower’s purpose using examples of our company’s values and ethics that motivated our founders and continues to inspire our employees today. This article further illustrates the ideas outlined in the foundation of our company and offers guidance for incorporating these founding principles into our work and our actions. <Read More>

The Importance of Charitable Giving in 2020

One of the core values of PPC Partners is the Power to Serve. We are proud to donate time and funding to causes our employees care about through the PPC Foundation. In 2020, MetroPower donated more than $318,250 to 116 deserving charities.
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The new standard: Competent Persons for Energized Electrical Work Practices (CP-EEWP)

Next year, MetroPower will roll out a new company wide standard for training, testing, and endorsing employees around energized systems and switching activities. Our goal is to create a systematic approach to how we provide training for these types of electrical activities, and successful completion of the training program will enable employees to progress in their field. <Read More>

Lagniappe Rudolph Crawford

Four years ago, Rudolph joined MetroPower when we took over a project at Fort Benning that he had been working on for another subcontractor. He performed each task with perfection and a positive attitude. Now, Rudolph oversees the team at St. Francis Hospital where he has quickly developed a relationship with our long-time customer allowing us to expand our services. <Read More>

Remembering Employees We Lost in 2020

Ronnie Branch – Ronnie was an Assistant Project Manager for the Fire & Sprinkler division of branch 1, located in Atlanta. He was an avid Atlanta Falcons fan as well as a devoted father and loving grandfather. Ronnie passed away on January 2. <Read More>

MetroPower Awarded New Construction Project in Columbus

MetroPower broke ground this summer on an exciting new construction project, a Veterans Administration outpatient clinic in Columbus, GA. This 70,000 square foot complex will require $2.9 million total in electrical systems with $1 million in low voltage systems as well as security systems and technology that will communicate with the main VA hospital campus in Tuskegee, AL. <Read More>

Celebrating The Holidays Safely

MetroPower, Inc. would like to remind everyone, as we approach the 2020 holiday season, to take some basic precautions to ensure your family remains safe and injury-free throughout the season. Stay safe on the roads over the holidays and every day: <Read More>


From boyhood, hard work has always provided me with gratification and fulfillment. Seeing the fruits of one’s labor is one of the most wonderful gifts of all. There is nothing that compares to seeing a task, a project or a dream realized. Give me a hurdle and I’ll clear it. Thomas Edison famously said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Why all this talk about work… hard work? One word: COVID. It looks like COVID-19 will linger, and its effect on the construction industry will linger longer. We may have to work a little harder to thrive through the next 12–18 months, but I think it can provide opportunity for the MPI team of doers. I have got my overalls on and I am ready. Are you?  I know you are—let’s do this. Danny

How to Create a Culture of Safety: Be Your Coworker’s Keeper

*This is a summary of a presentation by Kellie Worley, Branch 18, to the Executive Leadership Team At MetroPower, we have many procedures, policies and initiatives designed to create a culture of safety for ourselves and our coworkers. SAFETY – The quality of averting or not causing injury, danger or loss. <Read More>

Lagniappe Kateri Justice

Kateri Justice makes things happen. She has been with the company for 16 years, serving the last ten as the Executive Assistant to Jim Ditter, CEO of PPC Partners. Yet her service to the PPC family of companies, her community and her colleagues is recognized by everyone who has the pleasure of working with her.<Read More>

MetroPower Partners with DPR Construction and UGA for Practice Facility Expansion

MetroPower joins the DPR team at the University of Georgia (UGA) for the expansion and renovation of Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall on the Athens campus. Phase 1 of the $80 million project is underway with 110,000 square feet of new construction that will include player locker rooms, a weight room, offices and meeting rooms. Phase 2 will tie the new construction to the existing building and add team meeting rooms, new coach and staff lockers, a players’ lounge and a dining room. The total project is 158,000 square feet. <Read More>

Field Supervisor’s Retreat to Focus on Protecting Our People

Despite the constraints of COVID-19, this year’s virtual retreat will continue to provide dynamic presentations and relevant information to our field supervisors as it has for the past six years. <Read More>


As Forrest Gump says, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” Covid-19 has shown the truth to this quote. None of us could have imagined how drastically our lives would change in a matter of days. What hasn’t changed is the can-do attitude, the servant example, and the leadership example of MetroPower employees. We will emerge stronger, wiser, more appreciative, and better than ever before. I want to thank all of our employees and their families for EVERYTHING that you are doing as we navigate this strange time in our life’s journey. Danny

Staying Safe while Serving America during the COVID-19 Pandemic

At MetroPower, safety goes beyond holding ourselves accountable for maintaining the highest safety standards and safe working conditions. It’s also about taking care of everyone we interact with — on and off the job. Since the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak began, MetroPower has been taking the necessary precautions to protect our employees, our clients and business operations. This includes following CDC guidelines aimed at reducing the transition of COVID-19, such as proper and frequent handwashing, maintaining at least six feet of distance between people and staying home if you are sick. <Read More>

Serving Our Communities During COVID-19

As an essential service provider, MetroPower has continued to serve our clients and our communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our branch in Albany—located near Georgia’s first “hot spot” for the virus—was proud to support Phoebe Putney on several projects related to the hospital’s COVID-19 response. <Read More>

Join the Women’s Resource Group

Are you looking for professional networking and educational opportunities? The PPC Women’s Resource Group is now accepting applications for membership! <Read More>

MetroPower Selected for Robins AFB Solar Farm Project

MetroPower and Elight were chosen by Southern Company and Signal Energy to install the electrical on a 176 MW solar project at Robins AFB. Branch 25 will assist in trenching and excavating, installing conduit, Medium Voltage Cable, Fiber Optics, and installation of the combiner boxes. The project is scheduled for completion in October, and up to 45 team members will be working onsite. <READ MORE>

Project Summit Proposes New Model for Industrial Market

At MetroPower, we’re always looking for ways to best meet the needs of our clients and deliver the highest quality service. It’s what Todd Stevens, Vice President of Industrial Construction, had in mind at the ABC Users Summit, where he learned that many industrial clients are consistently dissatisfied with the results of their capital projects due to a lack of quality, cost overruns and other factors. <READ MORE>

Feedback: The breakfast of Champions

I’ve always heard that feedback is the breakfast of champions. However, most people don’t like feedback and often ignore it. I believe feedback helps make us stronger and more capable of achieving success. People who take the time to provide feedback do so because they want to help you improve and they support your goals. They want you to be your best. And they care about you. I encourage you to embrace feedback.  Take time to listen, process and decide how you will act on the feedback you receive. If you benefit from feedback you receive, try offering someone else feedback for them to consider. Danny

Behavior Based Safety Program Update: Working Together is Working!

Since implementing our company-wide Behavior Based Safety (BBS) program in June 2018, MetroPower has been able to identify and respond to unsafe behaviors — before they become accidents. We are grateful to our employees for this accomplishment, whose participation in the program demonstrates their commitment to each other and to creating the safest workplace possible. <Read More>

Lagniappe (LAN-YAP) David and Jennifer Moody

Problem solving isn’t just a part of David Moody’s work at MetroPower. When David and his wife Jennifer saw the need to help foster children in their Kennesaw, Georgia community, they did something about it. As foster parents themselves, David and Jennifer have opened their home — and their hearts — to more than 80 children over the years. <Read More>

Florida Capitol Switchgear Replacement Project Update

Florida Capitol Switchgear Replacement Project Update MetroPower is performing our largest project for the State of Florida to date. Working in partnership with Childers Construction, the project involves replacing 15kV medium voltage switchgear that controls power to buildings in the state’s Capitol Complex in Tallahassee. <Read More>

2019: A Record Year for Charitable Giving

One of the core values of PPC Partners is the Power to Serve. We are proud to donate time and money to causes our employees care about through the PPC Foundation. In 2019, MetroPower donated more than $391,000 to 118 deserving charities. “Thanks to the generosity of our dedicated employees, we were able to have record giving again this year,” said Danny Gibson, President and COO for MetroPower. “Our goal is to give to organizations where our people have a passion and are involved.” <Read More>

2019: Field Supervisors Retreat Focuses on Goal-Setting and Collaborative Solutions

In November 2019, more than 60 MetroPower field supervisors gathered in Macon for two days of process improvement discussions and team building at the annual Field Supervisors Retreat. They attended workshops designed to help supervisors overcome obstacles that reduce efficiencies, compromise safety, drain valuable resources, and prevent projects from being completed on time and within budget. <Read More>

William Charles Scrimpsher

William Charles Scrimpsher 1967-2019 Will joined MetroPower in 1992 in Macon and spent most of his career overseeing projects at RAFB. He took great pride in his work, always understanding every detail, planning meticulously and committing to find a solution regardless of the task.    During his career with MetroPower, Will had a significant impact on our apprentice program serving as a mentor. He enjoyed teaching people and has left a legacy of the skills he taught so many of our employees.  Will exemplified MetroPower’s values and will be missed. 

Macy’s ATS Replacement Project a Success

When our teams are at their best, we do our best for our clients. That’s how MetroPower safely and successfully completed a 2000 Amp, 3 Phase, 480 Volt Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) replacement project at Macy’s Tech in Johns Creek, Georgia.  This project was critical because when utility power goes out due to unforeseen circumstances (typically weather), the ATS starts the backup generator (in this case, a 1.5 megawatt Cummins) and restores power to the building in a matter of seconds. <Read More>

Federal Division Grows Staff and Projects

Our Federal Division focuses on supporting the United States government and continues to grow with the addition of new team members and projects. Jeff Cohen is transitioning to a new role working with CarolinaPower and MetroPower’s federal groups in Columbus, Warner Robins, and the Florida Panhandle. Cohen will be procuring new work including design-build opportunities and training new engineers. <Read More>

Helping Students Discover the Power of Experiential Learning(LAN-YAP)

What happens when high school students are challenged to solve real-world problems, present complex solutions, and collaborate effectively? They discover their own power. In September, MetroPower hosted a 3DE by Junior Achievement case challenge event with Parkview High School in Lilburn, GA. The challenge theme, Collaborating and Building Teams, required groups of students to work together toward a common goal and participate in a business scenario in which teamwork would be essential for success. <Read More>

Lagniappe (LAN-YAP)

Troy and Serena DeLee Troy and Serena DeLee serve their community with the same dedication and hard work that they put into their work at MetroPower. One of the many organizations that he and his wife, Serena, support is the Friends of the Library in Macon.  <Read More>


The wildfires that burn across California cause thousands of acres of forest to be lost forever. People and property are in peril and many lost homes, businesses and some, even their life. <Read More>

4 months of pre-work. 18,000+ hours on an outage, Zero accidents.

MetroPower recently wrapped up a project that took a total of 18,020 hours on an outage, plus four months of pre-work. Staying steadfast on our safety goal, the project was completed with absolutely no one getting hurt. There were no surprises As you know, a big part of our dedication to safety is accident prevention – and this project showed that in action. <Read More>

Women’s Employee Resource Group

Are you interested in hearing more about Women in Construction? We’ve got it covered. The steering committee for the PPC Women’s Employee Resource Group has been working as a team from all business units with the objective to recruit, retain and develop the skills of women in our organization. Our goal is to create an engaging and welcoming environment for women in our workplace, and to provide professional networking and educational opportunities. <Read More>

MetroPower Hires Motivating Youth Foundation of Georgia Graduate

MetroPower strives to provide the education and support our employees need to achieve their goals. We found an obvious connection when we learned about the Motivating Youth Foundation of Georgia (MYF), a not for profit focused on building children into productive citizens through guidance, exposure and engaging academic activities which promote strength of character and higher education. In addition to building children into productive citizens, the organization is also a resource for adults seeking work opportunities in the Macon area. <Read More>

Raul Juarez, Journeyman Electrician

Raul Juarez is the electrical lead person for Shaw Industry’s 80 Position Extrusion Equipment and South Tower in Andalusia, Alabama. As an apprentice with South Georgia Technical College, Raul maintained a 4.0 GPA for four years while also working for MetroPower and graduated at the top of his class. <Read More>

First Coast Orthopedic Surgery Center in Jacksonville, FL

MetroPower branch 7 is making great strides in the healthcare industry, working with Robins & Morton on the First Coast Orthopedic Surgery Center in Jacksonville, Florida. Robins & Morton was ranked as the #2 contractor by Modern Healthcare 2019. <Read More>

LeMay Electric Joins MetroPower

In August, MetroPower completed an asset purchase of LeMay Electric, Inc. to support our long term strategy to grow the North Atlanta market. <Read More>

2019 Brings a Fresh Perspective on Safety

Our teams continue to stay a step ahead and remain conscience of our behaviors both in the field and in the office. As part of that effort, our company-wide Behavior Based Safety (BBS) program is designed to raise awareness and get every employee involved in our positive safety culture.  <Read More>

Learning for Life

In order to achieve operational excellence while continuously adapting to the speed of change, I encourage all employees to embrace lifelong learning. Education is a lifelong process that you have to take advantage of to be a stronger, smarter and more productive employee. And as a company, we must develop educational classes and curriculum to foster growth in the areas that you are interested. I am thrilled to hear you ask for ways to better your professional career and seek out opportunities to learn and mentor others. <Read More>

Backlog Positions Federal Division for a Successful Year

Our Federal Division focuses on supporting the United States government, including the Corp of Engineers and the Naval Facilities Engineering Command. We have almost $30 million in backlogged projects for 2019, and are actively establishing traveling teams to grow our workforce. <Read More>

Collaboration and Problem Solving are Key Benefits of Field Supervisors Retreat

More than 50 MetroPower field supervisors gathered in Macon for two-days of educational development, collaboration and team building at the fourth annual Field Supervisors Retreat. The retreat continued its focus on three key areas of improvement – people, process and technology – while also encouraging comradery, peer group development and knowledge sharing among attendees. <Read More>

MetroPower’s Proactive Approach Proves Successful for Chattahoochee Tech

MetroPower is back to school, working on the new technical science building at Chattahoochee Technical College Health Science Center in Marietta, Georgia. <Read More>

MetroPower & CarolinaPower Increase Charitable Giving in 2018

On October 12, sixteen CarolinaPower employees left Colombia, South Carolina, to assist MetroPower branches affected by the devastating Hurricane Michael. <Read More>

Lagniappe (LAN-YAP)

Tony Morris began his MetroPower career in Greenville, South Carolina, in 2001 as an electrician’s helper. His work ethic and commitment to safety helped him quickly advance to a leadperson role and subsequently serve as the CarolinaPower Safety Council representative. <Read More>

CarolinaPower Helps MetroPower Recover from Hurricane Michael

On October 12, sixteen CarolinaPower employees left Colombia, South Carolina, to assist MetroPower branches affected by the devastating Hurricane Michael. <Read More>

Introducing Pat Topping

The 2,000 Day Milestone How do you go more than 2,000 days without a recordable incident?  If you ask CarolinaPower, it’s by making safety the number one goal by staying a step ahead and preventing accidents before they happen. “Achieving the 2,000 day milestone is inspirational, and it’s proof that a proactive approach to safety is effective,” and said Troy DeLee, Safety Director.   “They are determined to keep the positive momentum going.” <Read More>

Project 2020 Update

n November, the PPC Executive Leadership Team presented the Project 2020 cost-benefit analysis to the PPC Board of Directors and received approval to move forward. The Project 2020 core team, which includes Andy Bell, Kayanne Blackwell Carla Buske, Rae (Smith) Forrest will vacate their current roles within the businesses to be 100% focused on Project 2020 by January 2019. Rod Hampton will be the project manager. <Read More>

We finished the Year Safe and Strong

As always, in 2018 we were laser-focused on keeping safety our top priority and proactively stopping accidents before they happen.  The Safety Council was hard at work all year, looking at creative and practical ways to take our industry-leading safety program to the next level.  Major new initiatives this year included: <Read More>

MetroPower Hires VP of Industrial Construction, Expands Management in Atlanta

Our company is constantly striving to exceed our goals by delivering the highest quality product from the most dedicated team of professionals. Recently, four new members joined our management team: Todd Stevens, Vice President of Industrial Construction, David Moody, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Manager, Lem Mathis, Senior Project Manager and Joe Carney, Project Manager. “Our people are our most valuable asset, and I’m excited to welcome these four leaders to our team,” said Danny Gibson, President and COO of MetroPower. “They each bring a unique skill set that will help achieve our goals while contributing to our company’s commitment to lead, mentor and serve.” <Read More>

Celebrating Safety and Staying a Step Ahead

The 2,000 Day Milestone How do you go more than 2,000 days without a recordable incident?  If you ask CarolinaPower, it’s by making safety the number one goal by staying a step ahead and preventing accidents before they happen. “Achieving the 2,000 day milestone is inspirational, and it’s proof that a proactive approach to safety is effective,” and said Troy DeLee, Safety Director.   “They are determined to keep the positive momentum going.” <Read More>

Lagniappe: Tripp Watson

Tripp Watson is the Leadperson responsible for all field forces including safety, coordination, training, labor budget and material usage. Tripp was recently recognized by a client for his outstanding work on the Training Barracks Renovation project in Ft. Benning, GA.  The client specifically applauded his work managing the schedule, the quality of work provided and his diligent and proactive approach to safety. <Read More>

Wastewater Project Now Underway in Macon, Georgia

MetroPower recently started a wastewater project in Macon, Georgia that includes significant renovations, upgrades and repairs.  Starting in September, Branch 4 will tackle the 22-month project, spread throughout the Lower Poplar and Rocky Creek Water Reclamation Facilities.  While both wastewater treatment plants recently received industry awards for 100% permit compliance, the Macon Water Authority (MWA) is making capital improvements at these facilities to enhance the wastewater treatment services provided to MWA sewer customers.   <Read More>

MetroPower Thrives on Healthcare Projects in Central Georgia

MetroPower is currently working on multiple projects in middle Georgia, serving our valuable clients in the healthcare industry. Projects include: The Beverly Knight Olson Children’s Hospital Navicent Health, a 5-story 183,000 square foot children’s hospital with NICU.  Located in Macon, Georgia, it is the only dedicated pediatric hospital in central and south Georgia. MetroPower has approximately 30 people on site for the new construction and renovation project, which includes power distribution, new generators and modifications of existing generators, lighting, nurse call, fire alarm, paging, security, telemetry, voice and data.   <Read More>

Strong Relationship Helps Secure Multi-year Contract in Industrial Market.

Shaw Industries is performing one of the largest single projects in its history at Plant 65, a textile facility located in Andalusia, AL. Thanks to the performance of our crews and our 20 year relationship with Shaw, MetroPower was awarded a multi-year contract to complete the mechanical and electrical installation at the plant.  <Read More>

Lagniappe: Tony Varamo

As Workforce Manager, Tony is often the first point of contact for those considering a career with MetroPower. And for many, he’s the reason they choose to join our company.  <Read More>

Introducing Our New Behavior – Based Safety Program

As part of our commitment to staying a step ahead and preventing accidents before they happen, MetroPower is rolling out an innovative Behavior Based Safety (BBS) initiative.  The new company-wide program will require 100% participation from every employee, from the top down and bottom up, and is designed to take our ownership and awareness of safety to the next level.    <Read More>