Our Culture


Our company culture is centered on having a servant’s heart, golden rule thinking, and focusing on the needs of others which transcends everything we do. As a truly employee-owned company, we operate under the philosophy that satisfied employees create satisfied customers—and drive our company’s ongoing growth.

Our people are our power, and our culture powers our people.

Our values align with our business objectives. By upholding our company values, our teams develop positive rapport and trust. Our values also help us maintain our focus on what’s important, empowering us to safely and successfully complete each and every task at hand. It ensures we aren’t just focused on ourselves, but we’re looking out for each other. This is apparent in our excellent safety rating, collaboration across markets and our commitment to living by the golden rule.


We provide employees the freedom to grow in a unique culture of empowerment and servant leadership, within a company committed to quality, safety and high ethical standards. We give our people a lot of autonomy and responsibility, and we facilitate continuous learning. No matter the job, our people have the opportunity to lead, mentor and serve. It’s how they grow.


As a service-oriented company, we aim to be a positive influence at work, at home and in the communities we serve. MetroPower supports the positive efforts our employees are making in the communities in which we live and work through the PPC Foundation. Through the foundation, MetroPower is able to donate to local charitable organizations in the cities we serve – and many donations are made to organizations submitted by our employees.